Get the latest "bleeding edge" yab

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Get the latest "bleeding edge" yab

Post by Admin on Mon Apr 20, 2015 1:56 pm

Copy the following code into a StyledEdit document.

Save the file and set the permissions to executable.

Run the script and move the output folder to your apps directory.


git clone
cd YAB/src/
make -f resattrMakefile
cp objects*/resattr resattr
mkdir -p /tmp/bf
rm /tmp/bf/*
cp -r ../yab-IDE/BuildFactory/* /tmp/bf/
cp -r * /tmp/bf/
cp ../yab-IDE/src/* /tmp/bf/
pushd /tmp/bf
gcc -o yab-compress yab-compress.c -lz
rm flex.c
yab BuildFactory.yab yab-IDE yab-IDE.yab
RdefApply parts/ yab-IDE
cp /tmp/bf/yab-IDE ../yab-IDE
cd ..
cp -r src/* yab-IDE/src
mkdir -p bin
cp src/yab bin
cp src/resattr bin
mv -t yab-IDE Documentation
mv -t yab-IDE Localizer
pushd yab-IDE/BuildFactory
gcc -o yab-compress yab-compress.c -lz
case $(alert --info  "make is complete\n Install yab bin to:" "config/bin" "non-packaged/bin" "No") in
         cp bin/* /boot/home/config/bin
         cp bin/* /boot/home/config/non-packaged/bin

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Re: Get the latest "bleeding edge" yab

Post by bbjimmy on Tue Apr 21, 2015 2:16 pm

To upgrade... delete ~/yab_work/BuildFactory and ~/config/settings/yab-ide/ide-settings then run yab-IDE. It will replace the deleed files/folders. Exclamation

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